Komplett lakásfelújítás

Complete renewal of buildings

Once you have made up your mind to renew your place, the family is very excited about how the new home should look like. There is feverish contemplation at the dining table during the evenings about how to make the place nicer, more practicable and comfortable through the renewal. You surely do not want to be among those who are reminded of the onetime renewal by falling wall tiles, dripping taps, wind blowing through the gaps, squeaking doors and windows, and possibly by high instalments only, just a few months after the work.


Painting, decoration

People are different – and tastes differ too, which is reflected in the renewal of dwellings also. Some like papered walls, while others prefer painted wall surfaces. One thing remains certain: the wall may not be left "naked"! Many associate dwelling renewal directly with painting. The former includes the latter, of course, and you may even say that the renewal is crowned by the paintwork. Simple paintwork is often combined with so-called decoration painting. Paintwork or wallpapering (as a part of the renewal or even separately) is about the realization of the custom needs and the aesthetics of the work performed.


Tiling work

Several kinds of finishes can be found in your home too. Maybe you do not even notice them as long as they are all right. However, once renewing your home you may want to replace the worn floor tiles and the fallen wall tiles too, all in the same breath. Do take a look around the house too, as outdoor finishes are just as important, should you consider either the footing or the fence! Tiling work is a much too expensive and conspicuous thing, so it should under all circumstances be accomplished by an expert, so that you can be satisfied with the work for years.


Brickwork, Masonry

There are probably not many homeowners who are fully satisfied with the layout of their homes. Whenever renewing your place, you should always ask for the opinion of your mason and rely on his craftsmanship. As relocation/elimination of walls might very well be needed during the renewal of your place too. Do not hesitate to contact me in e-mail with any masonry-related questions.


Dryvit heat insulation

Renewal may take the form of posterior outside facade insulation also. In Hungary the Dryvit technology is the most common one, however, there are several other manufacturers on the market. When insulating the facade the thickness and material of the walls, and the particulars of the doors and windows shall be considered, as well as if the ceiling is properly insulated. Also consider that overinsulation may result in the appearance of fungi, wetting and mouldiness. Improper insulation may deteriorate the structure of your building, and may cause severe illnesses of the respiratory system. If the building in question is an already finished one, subsequent insulation is a difficult task. In relation to dwelling renewal we have met several requests for making a living space out of attics. When working in attics one must duly consider the selection of materials based on their heat insulation capacities.


Carpentry, roof tiling, sheetmetal works

The roof is not only the crown and adornment of the building, but it serves other extremely important purposes also. Think of heat insulation, and the protection of structural elements against the detrimental impacts of the environment. Maintaining the proper condition of the roof is essential for the ease and safety of your family. When renewing your house, assess its outside condition too besides the interior!

Fürdőszoba felújítás


Dwellings are webbed all over with pipes, carrying either cold or hot water, or natural gas. The conditions of these should definitely be monitored, even if they run inside walls or in invisible places. Upon renewal one should take into account the costs of plumbing repairs, water meter replacements, and the cleaning of the pipes, drains, and siphons too! Replacing the old and deteriorated heaters by new and modern ones not only increases the aesthetics value of the place but you can save a significant amount of energy as well!


Electrical installation

You only need to push a button and the electrical equipment of your household come to life – don’t they? A faulty cutout, oxidized connections, or defective wiring resulting form a former wrong decision of yours may cause a whole lot of trouble, and sometimes these do not even occur immediately, but in a delayed manner. This is not the only possible way, of course: our qualified and experienced colleagues supply a thoroughly conceived work of perfect quality right from the design phase up to the installation of the last switch. You only need to plan and determine the place of your pieces of equipment and appliances, and we will do the rest.

Gipszkarton szerelés

Gypsum plasterboard installation

Gypsum plasterboard as a building material is becoming more and more widespread in Hungary, too. Many architects, designers, investors and contractors recognize the usefulness of the gypsum board, both technically and economically. With hidden lighting installed and with spatial breakings of plane walls it may change the milieu of your place and provide a richness of forms and a modern design to your home. If you want to renew your home, consider this possibility too!